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Production Boats

Production Boats Production Boats Production Boats Production Boats Production Boats

Many of CTMD’s clients are production boat builders who require limited technical support. These projects often involve hydrodynamic and structural analysis and detailed drafting either for in house use or to assist the builder in gaining design approval from survey authorities. In many cases recognizing that the design is largely based upon the builder’s own work, the projects are completed at a fixed rate without royalties on future vessels.

Custom designs.

Custom designs Custom designs Custom designs Custom designs

There is nothing quite like having your own boat designed and built to perfectly meet your own personal requirements. For projects like this, at CTMD we will produce you a preliminary design to guarantee that the final result meets all your desires and needs. We will then assist you in finding a boat builder capable of working to your desired level of quality at a very competitive price. It is not until these two tasks are fully complete that we will set out to develop a full set of detailed drawings, during which time we are more than happy to use our own in house interior designers and stylists or work with your own preferred designer.


Kitsets Kitsets Kitsets Kitsets

CTMD has a wide range of proven aluminium kitset designs to choose from, often with multiple deck configurations already engineered. Many of these design can be viewed here. CTMD kitsets can be ordered to be cut by your local aluminium supplier or from our established suppliers. While we have a large existing range of kitsets, there is no reason why we cannot tailor an existing design to your specific needs, or in the absence of a template, create a whole new kit.

Commercial vessels.

Commercial vessels Commercial vessels Commercial vessels Commercial vessels Commercial vessels

Having started his Naval Architecture with Austal ships, one of Australia’s most successful ship yards Chris has since worked on a range of commercial vessel types. At CTMD we have the skills and resources to develop custom commercial vessel designs up to 30m out of a range of materials including steel and aluminium.