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Inclining experiments.


CTMD has the tools, resources and experience required to incline and prepare stability books for a range commercial vessels. A close working relationship with the Australian survey authorities and an in depth knowledge of both the old USL and new NSCV codes mean we can prepare your stability books in a timely and cost effective manner.

Fit for purpose.

Fit for Purpose For for Purpose Fit for Purpose

When tendering for large scale commercial projects it is often necessary to show the client that your vessel is suitable for the task at hand. Where your vessel’s original designers are either not drawings to determine if your vessel is suitable for the task and exhibit this in a concise document for your client.

Vessel modification.

Vessel Modification Vessel Modification Vessel Modification

CTMD can help you when modifying an existing vessel in a number of ways. Often this assistance is in the form of an addendum to your stability book, at other times we can help you make any structural changes you need to fit new equipment to your vessel or design the equipment to be fitted.